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Desi Bernard
CEO, Busy Bee

"I love my website! In the past couple of weeks, every one of my clients who checked me out on the "web" have commented that I had a top notch website."                      more...


The Rommark team provides effective answers to your business needs based on our artistic and technical expertise in:

  • web design
  • custom software solutions
  • coroporate and business logos
  • flash animation

Key to Rommark’s success has been the team’s ability to interface with our clients at every stage of production. Through professional and responsive communication with clients, we stay on-point with your message to deliver solutions with the most impact. We achieve this through a collaborative process that begins with a short interview to discuss your goals and resources, followed by a team analysis of your information. We will then be in better position to discuss detailed requirements and options on how to successfully convey your message through the web. Once you are satisfied with our proposals, we will proceed to create a more detailed production timeline.

From start to finish, we aim to keep you happy while adhering to the proposed schedule to the best of our abilities. A happy client = a happy Rommark team. If you would like to contact Rommark for more information or to schedule an initial consultation, please email

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